When Is The Best Time To Take Your CBD?

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Most people don’t think about the best time of day to use CBD

They just listen to the instructions they received from the person who recommended the use of CBD or reading online in the first place. Users already experienced in CBD oil know that it is advisable to take it when the mouth is clean (preferably after brushing teeth) for full absorption of the oil in the mucous membranes under the tongue, however the variety of CBD products that flood the market today change the way it is consumed and due to different concentrations of CBD in the products, the dose of CBD that is taken is also varies.

How is that different from a “normal” medication?

When the doctor prescribes us a medicine he tells us exactly when and in what form to take it. However the situation is completely different when it comes to CBD!!

Each person has a unique endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids affect each person differently and in relation to their personal health (the intensity of the medical problem, body weight, age, gender, nutrition and sporty lifestyle) and there are people who are not affected by cannabinoids at all.

Did You Know: The Truth Is That There Is No Recommended Time To Take CBD.

It can be morning, afternoon or night before going to bed, you never know when someone might consume CBD. Cannabinoids affect each person differently, so the best time of day to take CBD will be different for each. For example, some consumers may benefit more by taking CBD before bedtime if they suffer from insomnia. Other people may take the CBD in the morning because it helps them focus and relax before they go to work. But many also find that the reason for taking CBD and the time you want to take it does not necessarily overlap. For example, CBD may definitely change sleep patterns for the better if taken during the morning or during the day because for some people the CBD they take in the evening actually stimulates them instead of relaxing them for bed.

Everyone has a different reason for consuming CBD products, whether it’s CBD oil for vaporisation or swallowing, focus and capsules.

You have to think about the three main factors that affect when taking CBD. Let’s review these factors now.

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1. Relief of symptoms:

The number one factor that affects a person’s decision to take CBD is symptom relief. CBD is a natural analgesic with the most effectiveness. It is one of nature’s strong strong most powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Since we may experience negative symptoms at any time of the day, we can decide to consume CBD whenever these effects persist. There is nothing wrong with this, especially at the beginning of the use of CBD, when we do not yet know the exact dose that our body consumes in order to feel relief from symptoms, dispersing the dose throughout the day may accurately the daily overall amount. Sometimes a certain amount of CBD is taken in the morning its effect dissipates throughout the day but if we split the amount in half and take the dose in the middle of the day the effect will last throughout the day and may even intensify.

2. Daily Doses:

Daily doses of non-toxic or dangerous. A high dose of CBD does not alter the functioning of your body’s vital systems, so you will not encounter any special respiratory or blood pressure problems if you take a high dose of CBD during the day. CBD does not bind to CB1 receptors found in the brain and does not cause a feeling of intoxication (High) and the safety level of the molecule has been tested in a large number of tests by commercial and government research institutes. However, people reportedly experienced only mild side effects as a result of over-flooding of CBD.

These side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhoea, nausea, dry mouth, anxiety and vomiting. it is very rare that these side effects are experienced strongly.

3. Consuming CBD:

There are different ways in which CBD products can be consumed today, such as smoking, vaping, swallowing and eating. The range of CBD products today ranges from CBD oil taken at home (preferably in front of the mirror) to vaping devices that can easily be carried anywhere for use throughout the day, capsules, tablets and CBD-enriched edible products such as chewing gum, candy and even CBD drinks – all of which make the question of when is the best time to take the CBD increasingly relevant.

For example, the easiest way to consume CBD is by ingesting a CBD capsule but because it takes time for CBD to break down through the digestive tract, the resulting effect is slower and longer. On the other hand, if you are looking for immediate pain relief at any particular time of the day, evaporation, smoking a CBD rash or drops of CBD oil provide faster relief for pain but sometimes for a shorter time.

Is There A Maximum Amount For Daily CBD Consumption?

To be sure, you should always keep track of the recommended dosage on the CBD product packaging label. On the packaging or on the product there is the basic information about the amount of CBD available in each serving/drop, etc.
For example, CBD oil 20% in a 10ml product has 2000mg in each bottle, because each bottle has about 200 drops – each drop has 10mg of CBD.

In many studies on humans, researchers used 600mg to 1500mg of CBD per day and no significant side effects were observed. (20 drops by the above calculation)


There is not one time of the day that is best per day to consume CBD and there is no wrong time a day to consume CBD. Each and every one should decide what is the best time of day, according to their preferences and symptoms. High doses of CBD may offer more relief, but be prepared for possible mild side effects if you consume an extremely high dose of CBD. It is important to be mindful of the changes that occur with a direct or indirect effect of CBD. Optimal nutrition and sports activity.

Regular CBD users will sometimes find that after a while of consuming CBD they can safely lower the dose of CBD without sabotaging the relief of symptoms. This is another important feature of CBD, there is no need for overconsumption when the body returns to balance (homeostasis).

Want to adjust the dosage you want?

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