Which CBD oil is recommended to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing CBD oil, you should know that this oil exists in various types. To make the right choice, you must have all the information about the different types of oils before you purchase your product. Each CBD oil product has other benefits and qualities. In this article, you can learn about the different kinds of fats and the rates they offer to the consumer.


Should you purchase full spectrum CBD oil or pure CBD oil?

The two main CBD oil products on the market are full spectrum CBD oil and pure CBD oil, also called isolated CBD oil. The central compound is the CBD in each of these oils. The difference between the two types of oils is reflected in the molecular composition of the rest of the extractive material extracted from the cannabis plant. When it comes to full spectrum oils, at the end of the initial extraction of a hemp plant, there remains an oil that contains 125 phytocannabinoids (active substances) in insufficient quantities, except the CBD molecule found in the hemp plant in very high concentrations. You can also find the famous THC among the various active ingredients, but it is located in a tiny amount reaching less than 0.3% in the oil.

When it comes to pure CBD oil products, during the initial extraction, an additional process takes place in the laboratory, during which the CBD molecule is separated from the other cannabinoids, which is why it is called pure oil since this oil contains only CBD.

Which oil is the best?

When examining the two oils, it can be said with certainty that both bring many advantages and high efficiency. Therefore, there is no one CBD oil that is better than the other. So far, studies have preferred the full spectrum oil, mainly due to a pharmacological property called the “entourage effect”. This effect is a research assumption that precisely the compounds accompanying the CBD oil and binding with this molecule create uniformity in their mode of action, similar to the effect seen in the consumption of medical cannabis.

At the same time, despite the research preference for full-spectrum oil, it is essential to know that during the extraction process of pure CBD, no reduction of medical qualities is made. According to studies and reports from consumers worldwide, it can be seen that pure oil also contains many benefits.

The assumption in the past was that pure oil is more potent and concentrated than full-spectrum oil. But in 2015, following a study conducted at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, this assumption was utterly refuted. During the study, a comparison was made between a group of mice that received full-spectrum CBD oil and a group that received pure CBD oil to check which of the oils functions as a pain reliever best. The research findings showed that the mice receiving pure oil experienced less pain relief than those receiving full-spectrum oil. As the oil dosage level increased, the pain relief increased, and the pain relief effect continued for a more extended period, even after stopping the oil administration.

This study led to the raising of a hypothesis that the effectiveness of the full spectrum oil is a product of the meeting between the different types of cannabinoids, alongside the reaction that arises in the endocannabinoid system in the body. The researchers who carried out the study believe that these factors contribute to the high efficiency of the full spectrum oil.

Different kinds for different needs

Despite the study’s results and the hypothesis that derives from it, the result does not contradict the high-efficiency level of pure CBD oil. Precisely in cases where consumers suffer from several problems, which are also combined with anxiety disorders, migraines and certain disorders in the digestive system, it was found that pure CBD oil is much more effective. In these consumers, taking full spectrum oil may exacerbate the feelings due to the presence of the THC molecule, even though it is minimal.

When examining the effect of CBD products of each type, it can be seen that, in the end, the impact on each consumer is individual, and the effectiveness is also related to the kind of disease and the intensity of the symptoms the patient suffers from. Also, pure CBD oil may be the preferred choice for many, especially in cases where the consumer cannot consume THC, for example, in cases where the workplace prohibits it. Even in cases where there is sensitivity to THC or other types of cannabinoids and for anxiety disorders, psychosis or migraines, pure oil is the most appropriate choice.

The benefits of consuming CBD oil

For consumers experimenting with CBD for the first time, taking it as oil is the most recommended when it is taken under the tongue. Consuming it in oil form has several advantages. First, the oil has a pleasant taste that passes quickly. Secondly, it is a very convenient and easy way of consumption, which can be done anytime and anywhere. Also, taking CBD in the form of CBD oil allows for a rapid and effective effect when the oil dose can be controlled very quickly since each drop of oil contains a measured and precise amount of CBD.

Finally, the most significant advantage of taking CBD in oil form is that it is straightforward to find the daily dose level most suitable for the user.

Suppose you know what product type you want, such as full spectrum or pure oil. In that case, you can find it at a reliable store that specialises in these products in their various forms, such as oils, capsules, creams, pastes, vaporisers, CBD-enriched gummies and more.


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