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At Moya CBD, we choose from the best CBD rich strains to guarantee a high concentration of CBD in our products.

100% Organic

All our products are marketed based on CBD extraction from organic hemp crops with extremely high rates of CBD in the Uk.

GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practice are part of a European and global control system on manufacturing processes and product quality in the cosmetics.

Gluten Free

We scrutinise our products at every step of the production process to ensure a gluten free result in all our range of products.


As part of our continual journey of improvement, we ensure that all our products within our range are Vegan friendly.

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We Work Hard To Provide You with The Best Quality CBD Products In the UK

Moya-CBD is  a consultation, guidance and sales company of Cannabidiol (CBD) products  of highest standard. 

We are confident that together with the CBD world and our products, we will open the door to an era of personalised, natural, and long-term impact on medicine. Therefore, we believe together with a variety of quality CBD-based products, we can continue developing dedicated products for specific needs and further continue to work to make them more accessible.

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High Quality

Compliance with the most stringent standards! We are committed to providing products with the European standard mark Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that requires manufacturing plants in the pharmaceutical and food industries to work according to guidelines that ensure the quality of the final product, in order to maintain the health of the consumer.

High Quality organic cbd


Our professionals provide a wealth of accessible and up-to-date information on CBD mechanisms of action and how they help treat various conditions. We offer advice, guidance and direction before and during the use of our products, and help each user get the most out of each and every product. Simply contact us via different platforms available (Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumblr) leave us a message and one of our team member will reply to your query.  Personalise Your CBD at bottom right hand corner is the quickest way to get clear answers or guidance.

CBD laboratory mechanisms

Organic CBD

All our products are 100% organic. The tumors from which CBD is produced are grown under controlled conditions and are not sprayed by chemicals that can impair the quality of the final product. Detailed analysis (laboratory tests) for our products can be obtained by product batch.

Organic CBD

Expert Knowledge

We are assisted by a specialist scientific advisor, Dr. Yaakov Waksman, who provides us with updated scientific theoretical knowledge at the highest level and advises on the prevention of drug interactions between CBD and other prescription drugs. Dr. Yaakov Waksman is an immunology expert who worked under the guidance of Prof. Rafael Meshulam (known for discovering tetrahydrocannabinol and also as The Father of Cannabis Research) and Prof. Ruth Galili at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and studied the effect of cannabinoids on the immune system.

Expert Knowledge

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CBD The Molecule That’s Upsetting The World

A number of professional studies from around the world shows that CBD is the most important ingredient in the cannabis plant, thanks to it’s virtues in a growing variety of diseases and problems such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, convulsion and autoimmune diseases and much more.

The CBD works on creating a balance in the body, a balance in which the body and mind systems depend and allows the body and its systems to operate in the best and most efficient way and allows a deduction in the use of addictive drugs. is proud to make a variety of products of the highest quality available to you. The products are based on CBD extraction from organic hemp crops with extremely high rate of CBD.

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“The oil does wonders and I’m already planning my next purchase … for the other pains, including bone pain and mental stress … the oil soothes both the body and the mind! Highly Recommend! Bless you Meir Moyal”


Martin Smith

Sales Representative

“Must share, as soon as I heard about the product I decided to try to give my dog suffering from arthritis … In the last few months, she could hardly get up and go.

I tried everything and nothing helped. On the third day of treatment for CBD drops, her condition and mood improved. She gets up to greet us and seems more vital and energetic. We are already in the second bottle and seeing the improvement day by day. Thank you!”

team member 4

Shelly Barns


“I am very pleased and it is very helpful for Uri. Very much. I’m sure a combination of emotional therapy along with the CBD drops would be excellent. At the moment we are only with the drops and the positive effect is definitely evident!!”

team member 6

Jacob Luke


“I strongly recommend CBD oil. I stutter at medium level plus and the oil just does wonders. Today I hardly stutter and the overall feeling is much better. And completely natural. I would also like to thank the guys at Moya-CBD for their consultation and support at all times and with endless patience”.


Rebecca Huntley

Hair Stylist

Best CBD Oils In UK

Today, we are in the midst of a major revolution in the field of medicine. The concept of “medicinal cannabis” frees up the place for molecular technology in personalized medicine. Global cannabis companies that have so far been busy searching for strains with stable genetics have received demand from the public for CBD-rich varieties at the same time that hemping growth has returned to being a legal plant in many European and US countries and growers and manufacturers have begun selling CBD oil shelf products to end customers.

CBD has a wide range of pharmacological effects (more than 60) based on a large number of different physiological mechanisms. Research in the CBD is still in its infancy but the promise inherent in it is enormous. Moya-CBD specializes in CBD oil sales and provides advice and accompaniment for hundreds of consumers on their way to the right product for them, finding the exact and individual dosage – and the results are amazing. Join us in a growing community.