CBD News From Around The World

CBD News From Around The World

After six months in which CBD companies recalculated the route during coronavirus, the industry seems to continue to step forward uninterrupted. 

A new report by New Frontier Data found that as of 2020, one in five Americans is using CBD products. The findings show that the distribution of users is varied, very broad and difficult to characterize: More Americans Consider CBD, Giving Insurance and Other Ancillary Businesses a Push

The sharp-eyed will notice that the article is in the journal of the insurance world. The tremendous support of consumers in the new industry is influencing the credit card companies and private and public financial institutions to continue to make it easier for CBD companies to take simple financial actions that have been closed to them to date. (e.g. credit clearing system on websites). At $500, you can download the full report at the following link: Cannabis-Infused Products: Navigating the Complexities to Market

CBD Oil in bottles

American lifestyle singer Martha Stewart quickly becomes a CBD icon both as an entrepreneur and businesswoman in the field and thanks to her CBD-enriched gummy bearings – she takes 20 of these a day and accelerates her sales to do the same. Martha Stewart Adds a Line of CBD Products to Her Empire  Read about the involvement of her close friend Snoop Dogg in her turnaround: Martha Stewart, Blissed Out on CBD, Is Doing Just Fine 

And another link to Martha’s gummy bears: Martha Stewart Eats 20 CBD Gummies In One Sitting. Is That Even Okay? 

Due to an emergency routine we rarely reported what was going on in the world of sports and the CBD and apparently quietly there is a real revolution going on there. Almost all international sports organizations have already removed cannabidiol from the banned doping list for athletes and even the cancelled Olympics should have acted under the lifting of these restrictions. New companies are getting up to mediate the revolutionary new supplement for athletes and coaches. Sports start-up teams up with US brand to launch CBD products for UK athletes. 

We believe that slowly the athletes themselves will distinguish between the pre-CBD world and the afterlife. Both in terms of results and especially in terms of body health, recovery from injuries and preventive medicine.

Does the CBD industry continue to thrive despite the global coronavirus crisis in part because of the molecule’s anti-anxiety trait? Has CBD Seen Explosive Growth Due to Anxiety Caused by the Pandemic?  

In Hong Kong, the first café serving fortified coffee is opened in the CBD: Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe opens its doors to customers. You are welcome to visit our website and to be impressed by the variety of CBD information and products in the store or write in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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