The World's Leading Tattooists Recommend CBD Products

The use of ointments and creams enriched with the revolutionary molecule cannabidiol (CBD) is not a passing trend but a daily reality when millions of consumers around the world are overwhelmed. CBD for tattoo treatment is the safest and most useful natural alternative on the market today.

5 Benefits of CBD Tattoos

Effective & Natural Anti-Inflammatory

A new tattoo is a fresh wound so the rapid development of inflammation is very common in varying degrees and personality of intensity. CBD is one of the ways in which redness, itching and swelling can be neutralized at once!
CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and when it comes to tissue damage, it can help reduce any inflammation in the tattoo process and also allows your body to adapt to the feeling of tattoo quickly and easily.

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Pain Relief

One of the most recognized benefits of CBD oil is pain relief. CBD is a natural, mild and effective long-term painkiller. Unlike other anti-pain medications, its side effects are extremely minor and there is no fear of addiction due to increasing doses. The oil will help calm the area not as an anesthetic but simply as a pain aid.

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CBD acts as an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body. Research suggests that black ink in tattoos may cause free radical production, which can eventually lead to serious health problems. CBD is now considered one of nature’s most potent antioxidants. CBD’s antioxidant activity is 30%-50% stronger than that of vitamin C or vitamin E. The antioxidant properties of cannabidiol can neutralize free radicals in the body and improve your health.

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This word indicates that you do not have to worry about clogged pores. Clogged pores can complicate healing and even lead to infections. Various oils and creams currently on the market have properties that will block the skin pores while CBD oil or CBD ointment keeps pores open and healing is active.

It was recently reported that researchers at the University of Colorado determined that CBD is a successful and natural alternative to those suffering from skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Even people who do not suffer from any skin disease are now exposed to the properties of CBD in healing wounds, scars, burns, over-tanning and skin healing after getting tattoos.

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CBD shortens skin’s recovery time after tattoo

Healing is one of the most important stages in the tattooing process.
All new tattoos are open wounds – this is what it means to insert a needle repeatedly into the skin.
CBD has been studied for its multiplicity of healing properties, making it a great supplement to the treatment routine.
Over the past four years, professional and amateur athletes have begun experimenting with CBD products primarily to speed up and shorten recovery time from injuries – and their reports have already turned into flooding.
In terms of many sports organizations, cannabidiol is no longer considered a drug and is approved for use by athletes around the world.

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The 5 benefits of CBD for tattoo therapy are a new experience in the industry: Natural, Safe and Effective.

Many people suffer from stress before a tattoo

In general, it is recommended to get healthy and get tattooed, it is not advisable to come with a high fever or with any other disease. The body should be strong and healthy, it is recommended to eat and drink before the tattoo and sleep well the night before. 

CBD users already know how to tell about its properties in balancing and increasing the appetite of CBD along with balancing the sleep mechanism.

How can CBD help reduce stress before a tattoo?

Relaxing before a tattoo is sometimes very stressful… Some people think a little alcohol will help, but it is known that the common recommendation is not to drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before getting a tattoo. 

Just as a medical procedure does not come into drinks, blurry or after a workout – so do not reach a tattoo. Tattooing is an invasive procedure, alcohol negatively affects the shape and rhythm of recovery, causes more massive bleeding due to vascular dilation and of course may prevent you from sitting still without moving. 

Researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center found that even two alcoholic beverages can affect platelet ability to cling and crystallize, which is essential for blood clotting. Some tattoo shops won’t get tattooed unless you sign a form that says you’re not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating/mind-altering substances

Even if this is not the first time you have tattooed, taking CBD oil before starting the tattoo may facilitate the tattooing process without any intoxicating side effects. CBD is the perfect way to relax before the tattoo without losing control of consciousness or nervous system. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive in the prevailing sense of the concept – that is, affects the state of consciousness and causes a feeling of “high” and “high”, dizziness, etc. 

Vice versa. Many who use shelf products such as CBD oil report feelings of vitality, calmness and relaxation. Perhaps following the tattoo you will discover cbd as a great supplement for improving quality of life regardless of tattooing.

Other benefits of CBD in the treatment of tattoos

Bacterial infection

CBD is one of nature’s strong and most powerful antibacterial materials.

The immediate, first and acute danger of getting a tattoo is exposure to bacteria. Infection may be caused not only by a non-sterile syringe, but from the entire work environment, ink bottles that remain open and more. Infection at the place of the tattoo manifests itself in redness, swelling and pain. All Phyto-cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have activity that kills or prevents the development of various microorganisms (except viruses) – this feature explains CBD’s ability to cure infectious diseases. It has recently emerged that CBD also has a very strong antibiotic capacity on bacteria that are resistant to all types of antibiotics.

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Weak immune system

CBD manages to suppress an out-of-control immune system and does not impair the immune system’s action against morbidity factors in general.

People with weak immune systems should be extra careful. Tattoo increases the risk of infection. Especially those taking immune-suppressing drugs such as those used to treat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, organ transplants, or Crohn’s disease. Even in cases where the persons who get tattooed, blood thinners as aspirin or Plavix are regularly taken, since these medications can affect the body’s blood clotting ability. Cases of poor recovery and scarring have also been reported in case of taking a “acotan” or “raucotan” (acne medications). Strengthening the immune system is one of the main reasons why CBD has become so sought after in the world and scientific research brings countless new findings on the subject each and every year, despite the regulatory difficulty in conducting research into cannabinoids.

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The tattoo is sensitive to the sun

Freshly tattooed skin is especially sensitive to the sun, this sensitivity continues even after the skin has already healed to some extent. The effect of UV rays (UV radiation) on the tattoo ink can create a painful reaction as sunburn. It is recommended to protect the tattoo with natural sunscreens when leaving the house. 

Why natural sunscreens? Mineral (synthetic) sunscreens composed of heavy metals as zinc, which return the sun’s rays, can penetrate the bloodstream through fresh wounds and tattoos. Phytocannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant have properties that may protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and new research in the field has already been shown in the scientific journals.

Thriving scars

People who get tattooed may develop thriving scars (hypertropical and colloidal scars), due to the trauma of penetrating the needle into the skin. It’s a genetic predisposition, and here, too, it is impossible to know in advance who will suffer from the phenomenon. Penetration of the needle can create raised scars on the skin, which continue to grow uncontrolled, are red, stiff, painful and itchy, and their treatment is very complex. Scarring or minimizing them by applying CBD oil or CBD ointment to the skin achieves impressive results among thousands who experience self-care using CBD and their evidence can be found online.

The future of cannabidiol (CBD) in tattoo machines

If you’re looking to relieve your mind or body before getting a tattoo, and looking for a preparation with anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, in addition to alleviating stress and soothing effect, CBD is a natural, safe way to prepare for your next tattoo. Tattoos are forever, but while healing can take some time and become a painful process, CBD is here to help you get through it easily and quickly.

Last Tip?

The time it takes for the active substance to enter the bloodstream usually ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the strength of the product and the method of consumption, so make sure to plan for taking it in advance. If you are trying CBD for the first time, it is best to use it before performing the tattoo. This way will help you find the right dosage and will allow you to best feel its effects. If you are taking regular prescription medications be sure to arrange an appointment with your attending physician for a consultation before taking CBD.

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The unique relationship between cannabidiol (CBD) and tattoo parlours around the world is only at its beginning and in this area the sky is the limit. Already the tattoo industry combined with the medical benefits of CBD creates a diverse selection of quality products for the benefit of all consumers.

Watch the tattooists in Ireland talk about their and their clients’ experience of CBD self-care for a quick recovery from a tattoo:

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