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Any product can be returned within 14 days and refunded. In the event of a product arriving in an unsatisfactory manner, we ask you to send a us an e-mail with a photograph of the product in its original packaging, clearly showing the nature of the complaint. Full refund is subject to the following conditions:
  • The product must be returned within 14 days from the day of receiving your order.
  • The product must be in unopened packaging and must be unused.
  • The product must be purchased on the company’s website moya-cbd.co.uk
  • The product must be sent by registered mail, with the original receipt, customer name, and order number.
  • The shipping fee will not be refunded.


  1. The moya-cbd.co.uk website (hereinafter “the Website”) is a website used for consulting, guiding and marketing products containing CBD. You are welcome to use it subject to your agreement to the terms of use listed below.
  2. Website Management reserves the right to update the Terms of Use presented below from time to time and without notice or special mention on the various web channels.

Intellectual Property

  1. The site as well as all information in it, including the site design, code, media files including visual graphics, videos, images, texts, downloadable files and any other material presented on the site are wholly owned by the above website and constitute exclusive intellectual property of the moyacbd.com website and may not be used without prior written permission from the site management – moya-cbd.co.uk.
In addition, you may not distribute, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate or process any snippets of code, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content without prior written permission.

Site Content

  1. We strive to provide you with the information presented on the website without interruption, but due to technical considerations, there may be interruptions in the availability of the website. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the site will be available to you at all times and no financial or other compensation will be given for discontinuing the service / taking down the site.
  2. Links to external sites do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality or reliable, and visiting them is solely at your personal discretion and is the sole responsibility of the user of the site. We make every effort to refer to reliable pre-tested links.
  3. The content offered on the Website is the sole property of moya-cbd.co.uk and may not be used in a way which contravenes its conditions (see section 3) except where otherwise stated, or where the copyright is stated to belong to an external body. In these cases, the terms of use of the attached link should be checked and followed as indicated on the external site to which the contents belong.
  4. Managing Users and Visitors to the Website: Website management reserves the right to block any user, whether by blocking their computer’s IP address, their computer’s MACID, without having to provide a reason acceptable to the user.
  1. The Site Team / Management: will do everything in its power to protect the information of the registered users / subscribers registered on the site. In cases where it is possible for third parties to gain access to the information, it is hereby agreed that the visitors, users and members of the website will not file any action, claim or demand against the website staff at moya-cbd.co.uk.
  2. Proper Disclosure: This site may use cookies (especially for registered users and subscribers) and internal statistics interfaces to keep anonymous statistical records of users and analyses of user traffic, website browsing habits, click analysis and time on site.
At all times, except users connected to the site, the saved information is completely anonymous and does not contain the user’s name or any other identifying information.
  1. Jurisdiction: When using the Website and in the event of any disagreement, you agree that the above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Israeli law using only the Israeli court system in the Tel Aviv District.

Use of Information:

The Company may collect and use the information that you provide when you join the Website and / or when you purchase products and / or services offered on the Website, as well as information that may have accumulated about you, including during your use of the Website. Use of the information collected / provided by the customer will only be done in accordance with this privacy policy, the terms of use of the website and the legal provisions, in order to enable you to use the website services and products offered therein. The Company may use certain information related to your browser type, IP address and more, to analyse its service and how to improve, enrich and / or change, including by changing the way the Website is presented to you, as well as offering you products and/or services offered by moya-cbd.co.uk or on its behalf and/or by third parties (in which case the Company will not disclose your personal information to such third parties) and to keep you informed of various offers and / or benefits. The Company may also use the information for marketing and statistical purposes, for the sole needs of the company and/or through the transfer of such information to third parties and subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding the above, it is clarified that the Company may disclose information that has been accumulated about you (including your personal information) to third parties for the purpose of performing services on its behalf, including providing warranty / maintenance services for the Company’s products and services and the like. In addition, moya-cbd.co.uk may periodically send you, by express mail, email, telephone and / or other means of communication which you have provided on the Website, information about the Company’s services as well as advertising and marketing information about the Company and/or third parties. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence from the Company, you may withdraw your consent at any time by filling out details on the Contact Us page. moya-cbd.co.uk © All rights reserved

Privacy Policy:

moya-cbd.co.uk is honoured to present useful on-site information. However, the information written on the site should not be relied upon as scientific information. An invite from moya-cbd.co.uk is given to those aged 18 and over. The Buyer undertakes to act responsibly and make wise use of the products.
  1. General:
1.1 Purchasing through the Website is subject to the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions. Please read the policies carefully, as submitting a purchase offer and / or signing up for a buying group at the sales arena indicates your acceptance of the terms in these policies. 1.2 The meaning of the word “action” in these Terms and Conditions is any action taken to purchase a product or service offered for sale at the sales arena, including a purchase offer and / or registration to a buying group. 1.3 Any user who has reached the age of 18 and has a valid credit and / or any valid form of payment such as a payment app and / or bank transfer may participate in sales. 1.4  Any user with an e mail address and a credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies, and is valid on the day of the transaction, and / or any valid payment method such as a bank transfer and / or payment app can perform an action at the sales arena. Performing an action at the sales arena, including the provision of credit card details, inquiries and other actions, can also be done by phone. 1.5 The supply of the products and / or services will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of these policies below. 1.6 For the avoidance of doubt, the products offered for sale at the sales arena, warranty and the like, are the sole responsibility of the suppliers. moya-cbd.co.uk should not be held liable.

2. Ordering products and / or services:

2.1 In the sales arena at the site there are a wide range of products and services (hereinafter: “Products”) offered for sale from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world. The products are offered for sale at the sales arena. 2.2 In order for the supplier to fulfill your offer to purchase a product (hereinafter: “your order”) it is important that the products you have ordered are found in the supplier’s inventory. Although suppliers do their best to ensure that the products displayed at the sales arena are in stock, sometimes products presented at the sales arena are out of stock. If the products are missing, you will be sent a suitable message via your e-mail or phone. In this case, the suppliers reserve the right to submit to you, if there is such an offer, the ability to purchase a replacement product of a similar nature and price. If you accept their offer, your order details will be updated. If you decide to decline, your order will be cancelled and the carrier will not charge your credit card. 2.3 If an error of good faith occurs in printing, in the description of the product / service, in the conditions of sale, and / or in the event of an error in entering the sales data and / or an error in entering the data from the bidder / buyer, the seller / company may cancel the specific purchase.

3. Order Process:

3.1 Once your offer has been accepted, you will receive confirmation on the “My Account” page and a copy of your order will be sent to the email address you registered. This confirmation does not require the vendor to provide the products whose offers were granted, and only indicates that the order details have been received on the system. 3.2 Only after completion of your credit card information check and approval is received from the credit card company to execute your purchase and/ or approval is received from the bank in cases of a bank transfer or use of a different payment method, will your offer be considered completed. Once approval is received from the credit card company or the bank, the supplier will operate the process of supplying the purchased products.

4. Disrupted Order:

4.1 In order for us to provide you with the products you have purchased, your offer must be accepted and received by the Company in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the delivery of the products and for charging you. There can be various reasons for malfunctions and disruptions in the company’s absorption and processing of your offer. If you receive a message about incorrect content information in the details of your offer or a message about a system error that occurred when your offer was processed, we recommend that you contact our customer service via the email Service@moya-cbd.com 4.2 If you give incorrect identification information when placing the order, the suppliers will not guarantee that the products will get to you. In case the products are returned to the suppliers due to incorrect details you provided, you will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Please be sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details, specifically for your phone number and zip code. Submission of false personal information is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code, 5730 – 1977 and / or any law. 4.3 Any dispute will be handled in the EU.
  1. Payment Methods:

5.1 You can pay using payment apps and / or bank transfer, and / or a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies. You will be required to enter your card number and details at the designated area. 5.2 The Supplier will wait for the approval of the credit card company to approve the purchase you made with your card, and only after receiving the approval will the supplier process your order and send you the products. 5.3 The Supplier will wait for the bank / app approval for the purchase you made through your account, and only after receiving the approval will the Supplier process your order and send the products to you.
  1. Privacy:

6.1The personal details you provided and will provide when you make your offers, as well as the details of future purchases, will be stored in the Company’s database. The Company will not pass on your personal information to any other party other than the suppliers, only to complete the purchase actions you have made on the site. Although you are not required by law to provide us with your personal information, we will not be able to process your order if we do not receive it. 6.2 The Company can send you any information by e-mail, spoken or in writing. If you do not wish to be contacted as above, you will need to indicate this in the dedicated place in the first email advertisement you receive. 6.3 The Company devotes resources and takes strict measures to prevent penetration into the sales arena and to prevent possible harm to users’ privacy. However, disruptions cannot be ruled out completely. Therefore, you hereby declare that you will have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against moya-cbd.co.uk and / or anyone on its behalf for any such harm, malfunction and / or disruption.
  1. Cookies:

7.1 Cookies are small text files sent by the site server, through your browser, on the hard drive of the computer you use. The cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies you and you can direct your browser software to refuse to accept them. Use of the cookies will allow us to provide you with a fast and efficient service and save you needing to enter your personal information again. 7.2. A user who purchases products or services on the moya-cbd.co.uk website, undertakes to use it only legally in accordance with law of the country where the purchase was made. 7.3 Any buyer of a product or service through moya-cbd.co.uk assumes sole responsibility for using the product. Any damage of any kind, including: mental, bodily, physical damage, etc. caused by the use of the product or service purchased through the Site is the sole responsibility of the user and the purchaser of the site. The manufacturer’s instructions must be read before using the website’s products and they should be used wisely.

Shipping Policy

  1. Cancelled Purchases and Product Returns

 1.1 You may return the Products you purchased at the Sales Arena within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt, when they are packed in their original packaging and not used for any purpose!

In the event of a product arriving in an unsatisfactory manner for any reason, we will ask you to send a return e mail with a photograph of the product in its original packaging clearly showing the nature of the complaint so that we can proceed with the case in the best possible way.

After clarifying your request to cancel your offer with the vendor, you must return the product to the vendor’s warehouse, or alternatively, ask the vendor to send a courier to your home to pick up the product and return it to the vendor (in case the product is returned by the vendor’s courier, you will be charged the return fee). After returning the products you will be credited with the price you paid for the products (not including shipping fees) and minus vendor expenses, as by law.

 1.2 As long as you did not receive the product, cancellation will be done in writing, (e-mail) and accompanied by telephone message.

After receiving the product, cancellation will only be done by written notice accompanied by a telephone message to the Supplier’s office which appears on the invoice and / or delivery certificate, up to 14 business days from the date of receipt of the product.

1.3 Cancellation of an order that is in an advanced process (such as the day before delivery, or after notice of delivery of the product), for all reasons, will be charged a cancellation fee of 10% or NIS 100 – the lower of the two.

  1. Responsibility

2.1 The Company and / or anyone on its behalf bears no responsibility for the nature of the products, their features, the names of the manufacturers and / or any representations made at the sales arena with regard to the said details. The full and exclusive responsibility with respect to the Products and / or Services is with the Suppliers.

There may be differences in shades between the product photographs posted at the sales arena and the exact shades of the products as actually provided. The products in the sales arena are presented in good faith and under the responsibility of the suppliers, and they are not presented on the website as a recommendation and / or expression by moyacbd.com regarding the nature of the products, their characteristics, their nature, the names of the manufacturers and the like. If you have purchased defective products, you have the right to exchange or return them and receive your money back, as set out in these Terms and Conditions.

2.2  The sole responsibility for the products, their quality, durability and contents, including product recommendations, applies to the manufacturers.

 2.3 Under no circumstances will the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or consequential damages, and / or any other damages of any kind, including without harming the generality of the above, damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits arising or in any way related to the use or performance of the sales arena, for the delay in the use or inability to use the sales arena, in the supply or non-supply of goods or services, or any information, software, product, Service and accompanying graphics obtained through the sales arena, and / or otherwise arising from the use of the sales arena, whether based on an agreement or tort, whether with absolute liability, and / or any other cause.

If you are not satisfied with any part of the sales arena or any of these Terms and Conditions, please write to us and we will carefully review your inquiry.

2.4 The service in the sales arena can be used as is (“AS IS”). You will not have any argument, claim and / or demand against the Company and / or anyone on its behalf for the service’s features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to your needs and requirements.

 2.5 The Company undertakes to make great efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and to secure the sales arena and the level of service therein, but does not undertake that the service at the sales arena will not be interrupted, be provided without interruption, be safe and error free, and / or be immune from unauthorized access, damages, defects, malfunctions – including hardware, software, or communication lines to the site – at the Company, its suppliers and / or on its behalf.

Questions and inquiries

For inquiries and questions during the purchasing process, you can contact the company’s order centre via e-mail Service@moya-cbd.com

©moya-cbduk.com. All rights reserved

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