Basic Guide For Beginner Consumer

The guide in front of you is a simple and basic "roadmap" that includes simple answers to many complicated questions. The guide consists of several initial and thorough questions that every consumer should answer or review before purchasing CBD products.

How do I use CBD oil?

The guide in front of you is a simple and basic “roadmap” that includes simple answers to many complicated questions. The guide consists of several initial and thorough questions that every consumer should answer or review before purchasing CBD products.

CBD oil is not a cure!

It is important to state the obvious and from which to start. When we have the flu and take antibiotics at a certain dose, the doctor can know that after taking the drug regularly for 10 days – the person will heal. In cases of more complicated diseases the drug does not cause complete certainty for full recovery but the research and accumulated information show that the chances are great. In the case of CBD treatment for any disorder and disease – this certainty does not exist. 

There is currently no research that can indicate an exact dose of CBD (or any other cannabinoid) that after taking it (for an unknown time) the disease will disappear and the patient will heal. At the same time, the number of positive effects of CBD on the many body systems make it a type of health supplement that works very efficiently on a large and wide number of “targets”. Sometimes the efficacy of CBD is measured in relation to the relief of symptoms of the disease and not in the disease itself. 

Therefore, it is important to note that despite the largely positive impact of CBD and its many medical and non-medical benefits, medical declarations by commercial entities are outlawed in most countries of the world. When purchasing CBD products make sure that the company presenting you with the product does not act contrary to the guidelines. A company that makes medical statements or gives medical advice is not a company that acts responsibly and it is also possible that the quality of its product is treated accordingly. Here is a brief list of important actions to take before buying CBD products These steps are important to ensure that you choose the right product for your specific needs and that the source from which you are buying is a reliable and safe source.

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Quality  Learn and research about the companies and products you are interested in. Due to a lack of regulation in the CBD industry, poor quality cheap oil can be purchased in various markets as a by product of the textile industry. Choose a reputable brand of CBD oil. Try to appreciate quality over price.  Organic cultivation, without spraying and the use of toxins – The Hemp plant is known for its ability to absorb substances from the soil so that if the soil on which the plant grows is not organic, it may contain residues of chemicals, toxins and fungi.

The hemp will be tested and diagnosed in the laboratory so you can know exactly what CBD percentages are and that the product contains no pests, metals and other contaminates.

Product Laboratory Tests (Analysis) – Never purchase CBD oil that determines the exact percentage of CBD in the product. Quality Stamp – GMP Standard – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is part of a European quality system that audits the production and testing system of the pharmaceutical industry, food, medical devices and cosmetics. GMPs are the guidelines that guide the production and testing stages that affect the quality of the final product. In many countries, their own GMP procedures have been enacted and installed, but the basic characteristics remain the same between the countries and their goal is to ensure the quality of the product in order to maintain the health of the consumer.

Transparency and reliability, guidance and guidance advice – ask yourself which company will continue to accompany you in the self-care process.

Buying CBD products from MOYA – Buying CBD products from MOYA allows access to a wide range of products derived from the Hemp plant, ranging from oil in drops, ointments and creams, oil to the ripper and more. If you’re not sure where to purchase your CBD product, first and foremost it’s a good idea to start with a well-known and qualified distributor with professional transparency.

We at MOYA-CBD are conducted with full transparency and share with you in each of the steps of the manufacturing processes, so that you can know exactly what materials the product you are purchasing is made from, how it is produced and what its nature is. We have the experience! MOYA is the place.

Interested in purchasing CBD oil and not knowing what type will suit you? When purchasing CBD oil it is necessary to know that there are two main products on the market:

  • Full Spectrum Oil
  • Pure/ Insulated Oil (Isolated)

In both products, the dominant compound is CBD, but the molecular composition of the rest of the plant extraction is different. Pure CBD oil products The initial extraction undergoes another process in the laboratory where the CBD molecule is separated from the rest of the cannabinoid spectrum and it does not contain any other cannabinoids. What better product do you want?

Both products are good and effective. But the second extraction process that passes pure CBD oil does not in any way reduce the pharmacological properties of cannabidiol.
More important is the fact that at the moment it can be said that the effect of each product is individual and depends on the type of disease and in combination with other symptoms.

What is the way of use / form of consumption that suits me?

The most common and favourite form of consumption for the starting consumer is oil for taking under the tongue. Benefits of taking CBD in the form of oil:

  • The oil is delicious (in many people’s opinion) and the taste passes quickly (in case it does not taste good).
  • Taking oil is an easy-to-use form and can be consumed anytime, anywhere (recommended in front of a mirror).
  • The oil is fast and efficient and effective – absorbed through the motcus.
  • Dosage can be easily controlled – each drop contains an exact amount of CBD.

Already know what product you want to purchase?

What is the difference between 15% CBD oil and 20% CBD oil?

The difference between 15% CBD oil and 20% CBD oil is in the CBD concentration in the product. There are two important things to consider when choosing the product:

  • Amount of liquid in the product (measured in millilitres)
  • Concentration of CBD in the product (measured in milligrams)

What we want to know is how much CBD is in each drop, or alternatively – how much each CBD costs. This is both the only way to do a price comparison and the surest way to find a correct and accurate dosage.

For example:
A bottle of 60ml at a concentration of 2000mg contains about 1200 drops, with about 3mg of CBD per droplet. If this bottle costs £170, the price per mg of CBD is £0.09.

In contrast: A bottle of 10ml at a concentration of 2000mg contains about 200 drops, with about 10mg of CBD in each drop.
If this bottle costs £125, the price per mg of CBD is £0.06. Comparing prices between different products and different companies can be done in the conversion calculator.

Conversely: 10ml bottle at a concentration of 2000mg contains about 200 drops, with each drop containing about 10 kg of CBD.










Here’s a selection of tips and guidance on how to consume CBD oil in the best possible way:

Taking CBD oil under the tongue – This method (using the oil under the tongue) is better and more effective than direct ingestion, since this way the oil is absorbed through the moustaches located under the tongue.

Basic Guide For Beginners

To achieve maximum impact, follow these steps:

  • Administer the oil in front of a mirror, simply to know exactly how many drops have been dispensed/applied.
  • Hold the oil under the tongue for 30 seconds, to allow efficient and maximum absorption of the active solution.
  • After 30 seconds, swallow the remaining oil in your mouth.
  • Avoid eating, drinking and reframe from smoking for about half an hour after taking the oil.

Dosage – How many drops of CBD oil should I consume?

When the question of doses arises, it is important to remember that each of us is different and responds differently to CBD. Each has a body weight, the ability to tolerate pain and a different health condition. A certain dose can cause two people to react completely differently and even backwards, so there is no uniform recommended dose for everyone. However, there are some recommended ground rules for determining optimal dosage:

  • Start at a lowest dose but not too low (about 20mg daily), and then gradually increase the dose.

Once the body has become accustomed to CBD, another slight increase in dosage can be examined. A little more – you may not feel at all, which is a shame.

  • Read the product label – currently there is not a single universal way to measure the dosage of CBD products. One product may contain 20mg of CBD in a drop, while another product may contain 35mg CBD in a drop.
  • Consult a doctor – We highly recommended to consult a doctor before initially taking CBD products, especially if you are taking additional medications or under medical treatment. Read more about drug interactions and CBD on our professional blog.
  • Paying attention to unwanted side effects- such as situations of excessive tiredness or over-arousal – is the body’s way of saying to lower doses or raise doses.
  • Reduce the dosage if one or more of the side effects exist. Read more about possible side effects of CBD you can go to our professional blog.

Storage and expiration – Store product in a cool, shady place (no need to keep in the refrigerator), preferably out of reach of children.
The expiration date of CBD products ranges from one year to one and a half years (depending on the product) from the date the product was opened and if the product was properly stored. Adjustment time – CBD is not a “one-punch” drug.
Factors Affecting Dosage – The causes of CBD consumption differ from person to person. The intensity of the problem – the intensity of the problem is also related to the dose consumed.
Body weight, age, general health status– also affect the final dose.

  • It is important to remember that there is no guidance and advice we provide on the site or otherwise a substitute for consultation with a family doctor or specialist.

Since there are receptors of the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) in the skin cells, this means that CBD can relieve joint or muscle pain and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. It is important to pay attention to the CBD concentrations in the ointments and in the different lot centres, since the differences are also expressed in the price of the product. Benefits of using lotion/ointment: fast and efficient, easy to use, not digestive.
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Whether CBD products are legal depends on the origin of CBD, from which plant was produced. If the CBD in the product you purchase is derived from the marijuana plant (a strain of the cannabis plant), it is illegal in states that prohibit the use of marijuana. Conversely, if CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant (the second strain of the cannabis plant), then it is legal in most countries.

CBD is CBD – A pure molecule. It is the origin of the CBD that causes confusion.

When you purchase CBD products through Moya-CBD website, you automatically enjoy the option of receiving the product wherever you choose. Our shipping companies are companies engaged in international shipping including insurance and warranty. Our shipping policy can answer additional questions if there is.

Standard character

A factory in which the initial oil extraction process is conducted and the production process of the products must have a standard character, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), for the security of the quality of the product at the highest world level:

CBD products on the market

Organic and natural – Quality CBD products are produced from a plant that is grown organically, without chemical pesticides in good, controlled soil conditions.

Choosing a particular product over another may be influenced by several factors:

  • CBD oil drops are especially effective at finding the right dosage.
  • CBD capsules is a good way to avoid Hemp’s strong cause.
  • Vape pen – quick and almost immediate effect, convenient for carrying outside the house, without bad smell.
  • Creams for external use are less refined but contain additional effective ingredients of the hemp plant.
  • CBD ointments for external use are less refined but contain additional effective components of the hemp plant.

Skin Problems CreamWant to know what’s the right product for you?

The beginner’s consumer guide is a simple and basic “roadmap” that includes simple answers to a lot of complicated questions. We are unable to provide medical advice, but we can explain the difference between the different products and advise on what is the most suitable product for you. Want to know more about the exciting molecule?

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a key component of the cannabis plant (which accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract), with unique properties, helping a wide range of symptoms and health syndromes.

CBD does not cause intoxication (NON-INTOXICATING) and does not provide the euphoric feeling know as high in its effect. On the contrary, CBD has a calming general effect, which prevents anxiety and psychosis while simultaneously suppressing inflammation throughout the body and soothing pain, nausea and vomiting. Scientists believe that cannabeidol helps maintain balance in the body by interacting with the internal endocabinoid system.