Bone Reinforcing & Fusion: Why CBD Is Good For Bones & Muscles

Why CBD Is Good For Bones & Muscles

Much of the great popularity that CBD enjoys these days is “owed” to professional athletes and amateur athletes all over the world. Over the past decade, research in medical cannabis has evolved far beyond the development of unique strains with medicinal properties but also to understanding the different mechanisms of action of the variety of molecules present in the plant, but it was only in the last two years that athletes began to experience recovery from injuries in treatment with CBD products and their reports have already become a flood.

Strengthening and bone fusion: Why athletes?

A. Assistance in bone re defrasyment after injury, strengthening bones and muscles after and during physical exertion.

B. Excellent, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement. May assist in preventive and supportive medicine.

C. Protects blood vessels and the heart, balances blood pressure and cleans unnecessary “waste”.

D. Can help with optimal sleep, regular sleep cycles, battery refills and wakefulness during the day.

E. Balancing appetite and treating problems of the digestive system.

F. Shortening the recovery time from injuries.

Bone reinforcing and fusion: Why is CBD good for bones and muscles?

CBD naturally analgesics pain and causes rest and relaxation of the muscle and prevents inflammatory muscle processes resulting from physical exertion or autoimmune disease. Muscle pain is a fairly common phenomenon that characterizes almost every person during his adult life. Sometimes the pain heralds transitional seasons, sometimes rather than a welcome but strenuous physical activity. In recent decades, Fibromyalgia has been “famous” in part because of the severe muscle pain that forms some of the symptoms of the disease. As early as 2011, a comprehensive survey was conducted among women with fibromyalgia, where it became clear beyond any doubt that medical cannabis self-treatment, a priority for CBD-rich strains, was the preferred option for those with the disease. Surprisingly only in recent years have receptors of the endocannabinoid system been found in muscle tissues and in the skeletal and bone system. This discovery led to a series of studies in this new field and began to become apparent the relationship between the presence of endocannabinoids and their effect on bone-ion cells (osteoblasts) and bone-destroying cells (osteoclasts). The results of these studies demonstrate that the endocannabinoid system plays an important role in maintaining normal and normal bone mass maintenance and that self-treatment of CBD can help with this maintenance.

What Is CBD: The unique mechanism of action of the Phytocannabinoids

The Endocannabinoid System is a neural communication system that exists in various animals, including mammals, and connects chemicals (cannabinoids) secreted in the body naturally and receptors (receptors) found mainly in the nervous system and immune system. In order to understand the uniqueness of cannabidiol, one must first understand which cannabinoids exist:

A. Phytocannabinoids: (Phyto =from the plant) Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (hemp, marijuana) itself.

B. Synthetic cannabinoids: created in a laboratory by human hand, some with molecular similarities to natural Phytocannabinoids and some without structural similarities – but they bind to the target proteins.

C. Endocannabinoids: (Endo = from the body) cannabinoids formed in the human body, fatty acids of which are best known are anandamide (the “inner happiness” molecule) and endocannabinoid 2-AG.

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