Slowing The Rate Of Ageing: Protecting Nervous System Cells

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CBD and Helping Slow The Rate Of Ageing

Menopause, the age at which the person ages, is a biological wear and tear that occurs in any multicellular creature, depending on age, his taxonomic species, his genetic baggage as an individual and his environment. In a person living in a society with modern agriculture and medicine, it is common to define the beginning of the process between the ages of 40 and 50 and death from complications related to old age comes after the age of 75. 

Old age is the age range that encloses the last stage of the life cycle of the average person. This phase comes after the menopause period, although there is no overall consensus on the exact age at which this transition occurs. In human societies that lived in antiquity, biological wear and tear and death from old age came at earlier ages. 

Slowing the rate of ageing: Anti-aging – is not a trend or a passing spiritual fashion but a necessity and an outgoing act of the reality of life in the modern age. 

Loss of health condition: Decrease in current health, increasing frequency of changes in physical fitness, high frequency of infectious diseases and injuries. 

Loss of physical fitness: The constant state of physical abilities is declining and physical impairments are added. For example, the ability to move gradually decreases both due to the weakening of the muscles and due to permanent accumulation defects in the movement system, and sometimes a treadmill or stick is needed to maintain stability in walking. 

Loss of body image: In old age the person’s appearance gradually changes, his skin is no longer smooth and tense, his back is not necessarily upright, his face is wrinkled, and more. The body image, which is often incompatible with a person’s inner feelings, may be undermined. 

Cognitive loss: Difficulty in memory and concentration or anxieties about such loss. Sometimes – a decrease in the food due to certain old age diseases.

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CBD and helping to slow the rate of ageing: Neurodegeneration is a process that is difficult to detect before first symptoms arise. Modern medicine knows how to point to a number of preventive actions that a person can take and perhaps ensure that a higher quality of life in an older age. CBD has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective effects on nerve cells. These features open a new horizon of potential preventive treatment for neurological disorders. 

Cannabidiol affects the nervous system indirectly. Unlike THC, it does not bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and therefore does not have a high sensation. This feature alone already gives CBD a great advantage among an older population suffering from neurological disorders, but the feeling of intoxication associated with smoking cannabis has kept them away from such treatment. Cannabidiol is safe to use and has very minor side effects that usually disappear after two or three days from the start of treatment. There is no limit whatsoever on the amount of CBD per day. The body cannot reach the CBD overdose. 

No dose increase required: The body does not develop TOLERANCE for CBD and from the moment the correct dose is found that treats and facilitates the problem. CBD cartridges become a common commodity in a variety of convenient forms to use even on an older population. 

What has the research found to date? So far in the study, CBD prevents the creation of harmful proteins AMYLOID-BETA PLAQUEs in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. This is an important discovery since these proteins are now considered to be the main causes or symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. 

Cannabidiol can also help in the treatment of the various symptoms of the disease such as depression, restlessness, violence, negativism (refusal to perform any basic action), sleep disorder and more. Clinical information from numerous studies shows behavioural improvement in patients who have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and have been treated with cannabinoids such as CBD. The soothing quality of cannabidiol, gastrointestinal aid, blood pressure balance and improved cognitive functions may be a supportive treatment for people reaching the end of menopause.

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