Assistance & Support In Daily Physical and Emotional Coping

Why is CBD suitable for all consumers?

CBD products to improve quality of life are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and it does not seem that we have yet reached the peak.

Millions of new users each month join a growing circle of consumers who have decided to experiment with the properties of the promising molecule.

Anyone who has the initial familiarity with this innovative and vibrant industry may be surprised how the CBD market “bypasses” the medical cannabis market – at the end of the article we hope to explain the point.

CBD may help healthy people in the following conditions

  • CBD as a Ritalin substitute for the treatment of ADHD (sedation and focus).
  • CBD balances sleep and aids full and deep sleep.
  • CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety (planes and heights, tests, hydrophobia, job interviews, stage fright).
  • Reduction of dependence on diverse addictions (mainly smoking).
  • CBD is a natural and powerful disinfectant for wounds, cuts, burns, scars and various skin problems.

Did You Know: Surveys of consumers carried out in recent years have found that the main reason why healthy people use CBD is its virtue in reducing emotional load and mental stress. 

Emotional Load

Emotional load is a state of stress or deprivation that occurs when our resources are not sufficient to meet external requirements (whether that is true – or we just feel that way). The resources can be internal or external (the feeling of load is subjective). Stress is one of the main causes of emotional stress: Multitasking in an intense and accomplished routine, countless intersections of decision-making and decision making, collision between social functions, daily coping with situations of uncertainty, confusion and disorder together with the aspirations for self-realization and satisfaction, and in general living in a stressful and demanding environment – all of these have emotional but also physical symptoms and will be attested to by family doctors who are contacted by many of them as a result of an emotional strain on the negative impact that such a burden has on health.

CBD to treat emotional load, general sedation, focus and concentration

Most often, the emotional load is accompanied by signs and symptoms that sometimes come to a fore and sometimes “trail” us as unhealthy habits. Sleep disorders, appetite and increased or reduced weight changes, pain without medical explanation such as abdominal pain, head or muscle, chronic diseases like high blood pressure or asthma, mood swings, difficulty controlling emotions, anger outbursts, increased fatigue or lack of energy, cognitive difficulties, and sometimes also pesky thoughts and depression.

Why should a person who is experiencing emotional strain should try using CBD?

10% of the population suffers from depression – 20% of students suffer from depression – 63% of us know someone who suffers from high stress, anxiety, stress. These are all newspaper headlines and statistics in the departments of medical studies. In everyday reality – high mental stress, stress, anxiety, depression. All of these will not necessarily appear as a disease and the reason why healthy people start using CBD is that it is not a drug. Although medical cannabis brought to the world the knowledge and experience of the amazing healing abilities found in the active ingredients of the cannabis plant and made it the subject of many homes around the world. But for the healthy person, who wants to improve his quality of life, consuming CBD is like having your cake and eating it too. That is to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant (hemp) and avoid the disadvantages (especially the feeling of “high” that is not desirable to many people). An in-depth survey released at the end of 2020 by Gallup reveals that 14% of Americans use CBD products, and 1 in 7 Americans use cannabidiol to improve quality of life. User targeting indicates that 40% of them use CBD to relieve pain. About 20% to reduce stress and anxiety, and 11% to improve and balance sleep quality.

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Why Does CBD Become A Daily Supplement For People Who Are Not Sick?

New technology that allows the extraction of the cannabis plant to be introduced into a wide variety of products makes CBD taking easy, simple, enjoyable and effective:

  • Selection of oils for taking under the tongue
  • CBD enriched foods such as: Candy, chewing gum, snacks, capsules
  • Multifunctional options for a variety of needs: Tinctures, sprays, ointments, creams, evaporation – for each shape and product its unique benefits

CBD As A Preventive Treatment

From CBD may be effective as a preventive treatment for a variety of diseases originating and the process of formation is not visible: The CBD is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (one of the strongest in nature), prevents infectious diseases, treats seizures and neurological disorders, protects central nervous system cellsrelieves nausea and migraines, prevents vomiting, soothes seizures and convulsions, cures intestinal diseases, improves cardiovascular health.

What Feeling Does CBD Cause?

Cannabidiol is not psychoactive in the common sense of the concept.  That is, affects the state of consciousness, causes a feeling of “High” and dizziness, etc. 

Vice versa. Many who use shelf products such as CBD oil report feelings of calmness and relaxedness, a sense of renewed ability to cope with everyday difficulties more easily thanks to: Balance, joie de vivre, energy and vitality, relief, relaxation, filling up, reloading, thinking outside the box, stability, “flow”, alertness, regularity, tranquility, self-confidence, focus. 

All this without a feeling of intoxication or “High”

The CBD gospel brings to every home the molecule that does not change consciousness ,but changes reality. 

Will mankind very soon have an effective and natural solution that will become a way of routine and life will become a continuous cure of future diseases…? The vision spans a wide range of economic-cultural fields and is important to society as a whole.

Assistance & Support in daily physical & Emotional

Moya Brings The CBD Message To You

MOYA CBD offers a natural and high-quality solution for a healthy and vital life, with close accompaniment to the hoped-for result. Now that CBD products are becoming common and accessible to a wider and wider audience around the world, it is important to remember that cannabidiol is a molecule that needs to be taken seriously. On the one hand it has many positive effects on a variety of medical conditions but it is important to remember that CBD consumption is not similar to a prescription prescription. What will affect one person will not necessarily affect another in the same way. Choosing the right product sometimes requires professional guidance. As a rule, we do not encourage CBD over-consumption mainly in situations where research shows that a lower dose is actually more effective for the positive effect (e.g. in helping to lower blood pressure) and focus on finding the right dose for each person, at the right time and in the right way to take.

CBD Products For Daily Coping With Emotional Load

High Stress

Cannabidiol calms social anxiety (crowd fear, self-confidence) and allows social interaction. One of the benefits of CBD is the ability to control anxiety symptoms due to its effect on the central nervous system. CBD activates the A1HT-5-cancer receptor found in the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala, the same areas of the brain responsible for mood and anxiety disorders. Animal research has found CBD helps reduce anxiety by:

  • Stress Relief.
  • Lowering and balancing blood pressure.
  • Helping to sleep and sleep continuously for those suffering from lack of sleep (Insomnia).

In a comparative new study combined with placebo in humans, CBD has been found to be effective in treating anxiety against drugs such as diazepam diazepam diazepam diazepam and Ipsapirone that have serious side effects.

Studies on the subject:

  1. Cannabinoid-related agents in the treatment of anxiety disorders: Current knowledge and future perspectives.
  2. Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: A preliminary report.
  3. Using CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety.
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  5. Study: CBD Dosing Relieves Symptoms In Patients With Anxiety Disorders.
  6. Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders
  7. Motion sickness, stress and the endocannabinoid system.

Moods and Irritability (Moody)

It is difficult to define mood changes or hyper-irritability as a mental disorder. When this phenomenon is not accompanied by any other pathology it may be possible to say that this is the nature of a particular person. The balance to which CBD brings the body’s mechanisms of action, with the help of the endocannabinoid system, its anti-anxiety properties and its long-term calming effect, leads many to seek for themselves in CBD a solution for daily navigation between “triggers”, distractions or false thoughts.

A selection of articles on the subject:

  1. The Endocannabinoid System and the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders
  2. The Endocannabinoid System in the regulation of emotions throughout lifespan: A discussion on therapeutic perspectives
  3. Endocannabinoid System dysfunction in mood and related disorders
  4. Effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on regional cerebral blood flow


Frequently Asked Questions

NO! It will cause alertness, vitality and energy, but it has no effect on the brain that is the same as the effect of THC. The CBD first and foremost provides relief. Both mentally and physically. Relief from pain and relief from distress. In truth, many are surprised that the CBD doesn’t give a sense of intoxication. For years of warnings about the “toxicity” of cannabis and marijuana – but the CBD is neither foggy nor intoxicating. You can take the regular dose and start your daily routine. It is important to note that although CBD is not intoxicating, it is defined as psychoactive and acts on the nervous system in a variety of ways.

Beyond the fact that you have to choose a good manufacturer, who publishes product analyses on his website, one must first understand that the amount of CBD in the product is measured in milligrams and the amount of liquid in the bottle is measured in millilitres.
2000mg in a bottle of 30ml = 7% CBD
2000mg in a bottle of 10ml = 20% CBD

If you are still confused please refer to our beginners guide.

The best way to consume CBD oil depends on each person’s personal preference. For example, if you’re looking for a quick and effective way of taking CBD oil, anytime, anywhere, taking CBD oil under your tongue might be the best method to do so. CBD oil is the best way of monitoring your personal consumption of CBD product. If you this still does not answer your question please feel free to contact our professional team to assist you.

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