3 Key Reasons Why CBD Skincare Is Becoming A Market For Dizzying Growth

A. In recent years, CBD has become a successful and natural alternative to those suffering from skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The field of research of phytokinoids and skin problems treatment is still in its infancy, but many consumers have begun experimenting in the past two years with use and self-care using CBD products designed for the skin.

Herpes, shingles, eczema, itching – all diseases and skin problems on which the CBD improves their symptoms and sometimes completely eliminates the disease.

B. The progress of the cannabis market for recreational consumption in recent years also exposes people who do not suffer from any skin disease to the properties of CBD in healing wounds, scars, warts, burns, over-tanning and skin healing after getting tattoos.
C. The benefits of CBD in the treatment of skin problems are its anti-inflammatory activity, and its ability as an excellent antioxidant capable of eliminating and preventing the accumulation of toxic waste in the body.

Skin care and rehabilitation: healing wounds, scars, burns, tanning and tattooing

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it very valuable when it comes to “first aid to the skin”.
Soothes “burning” skin, disinfects powerful open wounds, aids the body’s proportionate inflammatory response and analgesics – plant-based CBD ointment or oil droplets on a Band-Aid or bandage will quickly and thoroughly treat common problems.

CBD & Acne Treatment

A 2014 study found CBD to inhibit body fat production. Treatment of CBD in a person’s subcytes cultured lipogenic activity (lipid-forming) of various substances such as archedonal acid (AA) and a combination of testosterone and linolian acid. 

CBD treatment of acne suppresses the prosperity of savocytes through the act of TRPV4 ion channels which suppresses the action of ERK1/2 – (transcription factor in the cell nucleus) – this causes a decrease in the production of glucose and fats in the cells that form acne.

Skin Care & Rehabilitation: CBD & Skin Problems Treatment

The skin contains many receptors of the endocannabinoid system CB1 and CB2. The endocannabinoid system is involved in many control processes both in the healthy state and in various skin diseases. A 2012 study found for the first time that activating the CB1 receptor suppresses the release of chemocins and cytokines that stimulate inflammation of keratinocytes, thereby reducing inflammation caused by T cells)T) Ointments and creams to treat skin problems are already on the market and hundreds of thousands of consumers begin to experience self-treatment for skin problems with CBD.

CBD Full Spectrum oil may also help in cases where skin disease originates in the immune system or nervous system. 

Atopic Dermatitis – Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, also known as skin asthma or skin eczema, is a skin disease that usually appears in childhood. In some cases, it continues into adulthood as a chronic disease whose severity sometimes weakens over the years. Atopic dermatitis may be exacerbated by allergenic factors, as part of an allergy attack that also includes allergic rhinitis and other characteristics, or without an allergy attack.

Atopic dermatitis has an indirect genetic background, meaning that there is not necessarily a relative who has the disease, but it has been shown that children of parents with asthma or a history of allergies are more likely to develop the disease. In industrialized countries, 5% of men and 11% of women suffer from an external allergen that triggers dermatitis.

Symptoms include dry, irritated, itchy skin and injuries as a result of itching. Most affected areas are in the folds of the knee and the face of the arm, face, thighs, abdomen and back. The disease is not contagious and is usually not dangerous, but it impairs the patient’s quality of life.

CBD & Treatment Of Dermatitis

In animals without CB1 and CB2 receptors (knock out) the induced disease was extremely acute. This is how we learn that the endocannabinoid system protects the skin from dermatitis. In contrast, mice without the enzyme FAHH that breaks down anandamide, which showed a decrease in the skin allergic reaction. That is, the longer anandamide remains in the body, and the longer its duration of operation the inflammation decreases.

Further research showed that treating the antagonist of the cannabinoid receptors exacerbated the disease, proving that the endocannabinoid system protects the skin from inflammation caused by contact with an allergic substance.

CBD & Psoriasis Treatment

The Endocannabinoid System monitors the production of different types of keratin in the skin. The prosperity of kertinocytes in psoriasis is very bad. The study found that activating the endocannabinoid system suppresses the production of K6 and K16 keratin, which is increased production in psoriasis.

It is definitely recommended to try CBD treatment in psoriasis.

The ways of consumption can be in swallowing a capsule, as a food additive, in oil / spray-mouth and, of course, especially in the ointment.

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