A new publication by the U.S. Arthritis Foundation brings a short and first guide to members of the organization who have recently expressed an interest in self-treatment for arthritis using CBD oil.

This is an important and interesting stage in the development of the market, with the association stating that there is not yet enough clinical research that proves beyond doubt the action of cannabidiol in the elimination of chronic pain resulting from arthritis, but at the same time it is not possible to ignore the thousands of anecdotal reports from all over the United States that claim to be positive – and enthusiastically.

You can read about this publication on the non-profit’s website here in this video article.

And what are the main recommendations?

  • Start at a low dose and gradually raise it until the point at which relief is felt is felt.
  • It is important to choose a reliable CBD company that presents its laboratory tests on the site with full transparency.
  • Continue regular medication along with the use of CBD and consult with a specialist.

CBD benefits in the treatment of inflammation:

Cannabinoids and especially CBD, activity prevents strong inflammation in various organs in the body. Recent studies have found the different mechanisms of action of CBD that stimulate anti-inflammatory action. 

Once an invasion causes a stranger to the blood, communication occurs between different types of immune cells through the release of substances called Interleukin and Cytokines. CBD suppresses the increased release of cytokines and inflammatory interleukins and thus cures inflammation. 

In addition, recent studies show that cannabinoids suppress the production of cytokines and chemokines and in some laboratory models CBD has been found to increase production of T-regulatory cells whose function is to suppress inflammation, as a cellular mechanism for suppressing excess inflammatory response. 

CBD has a good and strong long-term effect on both acute and chronic inflammations. On our website you can read in a lot of detail about studies on arthritis – a very comprehensive review that is constantly updated.