Natural Treatment for Depression

You know this situation where you’re in an apathetic state, a situation where you don’t feel like anything, and it’s hard for you to do simple chores? If the answer is yes, you’re probably in one form or another of depression. Depression can be extremely temporary, but if this condition persists over time, does not pass after a day or two or more, it is worth knowing that there are several ways to treat the phenomenon of depression. There is of course conventional pill therapy and there is also a natural treatment for depression, inany case it is worthwhile before any treatment, consult a specialist and choose the most appropriate treatment after an accurate diagnosis.

What is depression?

If you suffer from one of the following symptoms continuously and for a long time it is worth checking with a specialist professionally, if you suffer from depression:

  1. If you feel self-worthlessness and guilt
  2. Lack of pleasure and interest in daily activities, and loss of sexual desire
  3. Poor mood mainly in the morning and throughout the day
  4. General lack of energy and fatigue.
  5. Inability to focus and remember details and serious difficulty in making decisions
  6. Sleep and sleep problems
  7. Extreme weight gain and weight loss
  8. Feeling general unrest
  9. Suicidal thoughts


What are the causes of depression?

The causes of depression depend on different factors, these can be hereditary and genitic personal factors, due to difficult events that we experience in life. Sometimes depression also appears due to the use of various drugs, diseases and medications that alter the chemical state in the brain. Other causes of depression can be various traumas such as death, accident, dismissal, war and also family crisis.


How do you treat depression?

Conventional treatment for depression includes the consumption of prescription antidepressants and psychological treatment. There is also a natural treatment for depression that includes the use of dietary supplements, the use of herbs and a variety of relaxation and relaxation methods.


What is an alternative treatment for depression?

There are several natural methods that help to get out of a state of depression. Alternative treatment for depression is recommended provided that depression is not clinical and difficult and requires medication. These are the recommendations for alternative treatment for depression that you should know about that can help in many cases:

  1. Sports activity – When exercipating the body releases endorphins, these are natural antidepressants. They give a good feeling to the body and mind. Walking a few kilometers, several times a week, practicing yoga and also running will do the job for you.
  2. Meditation and guided imagination – body and mind balance can be achieved by using techniques of relaxation and relaxation through meditation and guided imagination. These increase memory and concentration capacity and even release tensions and pressures to improve overall feeling
  3. Balanced eating – Like other systems in the body, the nervous system also needs a good function. It is recommended to maintain a balanced diet that includes foods rich in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, salmon and tuna. And folic acid found abundant in avocado and spinach. Foods that improve serotonin levels and help raise its level in the brain will help increase mood.
  4. Reduce coffee – It is worth underestimating caffeine consumption, which is present in both coffee and energy drinks as caffeine reduces serotonin production.
  5. Acupuncture – Chinese acupuncture is known to help maintain the body’s energy balance and helps prevent diseases and even treats chronic problems. In depression situations, Chinese acupuncture at specific points in the body causes the release of dopamine and serotonin that improve mood.

Herbs – The hypercom plant, in its Hebrew name Pharaoh Perforated, is a soothing plant that strengthens the nervous system. Ashwgandha is a medicinal plant and balances depression and anxiety. Curcumin is the active substance in the turmeric root and is known to be extremely effective. And the radila plant strengthens the nervous system and improves focus and memory.

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