Dr. Yaakov Waksman Moya’s Specialist Scientific Advisor

Dr. Yaakov Waksman

The rapid expansion and great growth of the CBD market makes the wide distribution of molecule properties even for those who until yesterday engaged in completely different trade. Turning the molecule into a shelf product also entails a lack of professionalism at times until charlatanism.

At MOYA, we decided from the outset to provide the highest level of scientific advice. Dr. Yaakov Waksman not only scientifically guided the writing of our website but also provides us with consulting services on a daily basis, especially in the field of drug-use and CBD use, for us and our clientele.

The CBD is safe to use for the vast majority of the population. Some people taking prescription medications on a regular basis sometimes should check whether whether between the drug they are taking and the use of CBD there is no collision that can cause side effects or inaction of the drug.

These are rare cases for the most part, but it is always worth checking out. So good luck to dear Dr. Waksman, your success has succeeded. MOYA Team

Dr. Yaakov Waksman
Dr Waksman report

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