Congratulations to Dr. Yaakov Waksman on his 70th birthday!

Our chief scientist turns 70 on the seventh of the seventh month, an excellent opportunity to cherish and recognise his work and character.

This is the fourth year Yaakov has been part of the MOYA-CBD company since established, and a large part of the content on this website was written under his leadership. He is the scientific anchor of the company and a constant source of inspiration.

As a group, we met Yaakov in Tel Aviv in August 2018 for an introductory meeting, after which we mutually decided to start a joint journey. At first, we were excited because, like everyone who meets “Waksman” and knows the cultural reference to Ehud Banai’s song, it is impossible not to “stand shy in the corner”: A legendary figure from a line in the song…

For his part, Yaakov told us about his travels and wanderings, wars, successes, difficulties and professional life.

Our shared love of cannabinoids and CBD, in particular, connected us on a shared journey that continues today. Together with Yaacov, we established the tremendous array of knowledge that is here and is at your disposal. His guidance in CBD and conflicts between medications save much public damage and heartache. They will help medical professionals in the future to adapt the treatment required to the person standing in front of them.

We dedicate this page to you, Yaakov, with love and appreciation from the MOYA-CBD team and wish for many more years of research, development, study and inspiration. And double congratulations on the birth of the grandson yesterday (5.7.2023).

Who is Yaakov?

Yaakov was born on July 7, 1953, and grew up in Petah Tikva. From a young age, he was focused on animal science and biological research. As a child, he participated in scientific courses at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University. As a teenager, his research on avian embryology won a 1970 Excellence Award.
In the 1973 war, Yaakov participated in the war on the southern front as a regular corps and fought in the 1982 Israel-Lebanon war.

Yaakov is a man of sharp contrasts that merge into a colourful and unusual personality. A man of laboratories and research institutes alongside a dreamy and wandering “nature boy”. On the one hand, experts in vast and convoluted scientific fields, while providing first aid at trance parties: academic and entrepreneur, institutionalist and anti-institutionalist, objective and scientific with a free and creative imagination. Jacob is meticulous, knowledgeable, and in-depth in every field, leaving no stone unturned in searching for answers. His fascination with the wonders of nature always turns to avenues of study and research—a classic Renaissance man with broad, deep, critical and humanistic thought. At the same time, he is a man of modern, atomistic and molecular science, familiar with all its rules and tools, and the laboratory is his home everywhere.

Dr. Yaakov Waksman

On his professional path

  • Graduated in Natural Sciences Sc.B (summa cum laude) Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Israel July 1978 – July 1981, biological research and guidance of students in physiology and histology. The effect of eggshell quality on bone formation in poultry embryos of different breeds
  • Qualified in Natural Sciences Sc.M (summa cum laude) Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, July 1991 – July 1995, Involvement of thyroid hormones in the embryonic development of poultry.
  • Doctor of Natural Sciences D.Ph. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, July 1992 – July 1996, involvement of sex hormones in developing arthritis in rats. The thesis investigated the involvement of female sex hormones in developing type II collagen-induced arthritis in rats. 

Yaakov was a research student in the Genetics and Chemical Immunology Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science (1980-3) and the Department of Hormone Research (1985-7). Yaakov moved to Tel Aviv University – teaching and research associate in the Department of Histology and Cell Biology, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv (1987-9). Yaakov was a research and teaching associate in the Faculty of Agriculture (1991-5).

  • First post-doctorate, Department of Natural Materials Research, School of Pharmacy, Hadassah, Ein-Kerem July 1994 – July 1999. Effect of cannabinoids on the cells of the immune system of a mouse. Yaakov’s first post-doctoral research was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Raphael Meshulam and Prof. Ruth Galili. This study demonstrates that cannabidiol [CBD] has a strong anti-inflammatory action on peritoneal macrophages and helps focus on CBD and the cultivation of CBD-rich medicinal cannabis plants (1997).
  • Second Post Doctorate, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA July 1996 – July 1999 Expression of the “central” cannabinoid receptor R1CB in non-activated microglia (immune system cells) from embryonic rodent brain.
  • Dr Yaakov’s second post-doc research was done at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Medical College of Virginia, [VCU], Richmond, VA, USA – under the direction of Prof. Guy Cabral. The research identified functional CB1 receptors in cortical microglial cells in The unactivated fetus.

In his personal life 

Yaakov got married in 1991; His daughter, Merav, was born in 1993; She married Amir in 2015; Jacob’s 1st grandchild, Anael, was born in 2016. Yaakov’s 2nd grandchild was born in July 2023.

In the 2000s, Dr Waksman left the academy as an entrepreneur in disease prevention with the help of optimal nutrition and especially self-produced organic sprouts and founded the “Har-Nevet” company for baking sprout bread. Jacob quickly earned him the name of a world expert in this field, and those who tasted his sprouted bread will never forget this experience.

Yaakov is one of the leaders of the struggle for legalising the cannabis plant in Israel, which began in the mid-1990s, with scientific activity, advocacy and leading to a growing awareness of the plant’s medicinal properties. He harnessed his scientific knowledge to the medical cannabis system established in the Ministry of Health (Yakar) and was one of the founders of the “Green Leaf” party.

Thousands of patients and medical cannabis patients have received and continue to receive his advice and support over decades.

Sometimes, when you think about the life story of Yaakov Waksman, when you hear another story and another story, you manage to see a pulsating and moving reflection of Israeli society, of its pains and hopes,

Today, at retirement age, Dr Yaakov Waksman is busier than ever.

About forty years of experience in biological research of cannabinoids in various fields: pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry, endocrinology, neurobiology and organic agriculture.
In the last five years, Scientific consultant for companies for extracting and isolating cannabinoids, assembling formulations in Israel, the Netherlands and the USA. Serves as chief scientist at the company “Cannabix” in studying the effect of cannabinoids on cancer cells in culture. Scientific consultant in the field of CBD and concentrate on preventing drug interactions with prescription drugs and various herbs in MOYA-CBD company.

In his free time, he develops methods for disinfecting inflorescences using ultraviolet light radiation as a substitute for irradiation with ionising gamma or beta radiation that harms the quality of the medicine, he is engaged in writing on a variety of topics related to the unique properties of the cannabis plant and lectures at faculties and conferences as a guest scientist, and recently he is also engaged in promoting awareness of the virtues of the peyote plant.

And as Yaakov likes to say – “May a foreigner praise you and not your mouth” – here is our praise.

Congratulations and lots of congratulations on your 70th birthday, Doctor, and we do not doubt that you will achieve more, and the future is entirely ahead of you!

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