CBD Row: Potential For A Global Revolution


More and more news from around the world. A lot of people and institutions are starting to see the CBD as potential for a global revolution to prepare for, with whole communities expressing interest in the CBD in particular and cannabinoids in general. 

Education and Welfare, Health and Social Affairs, Legal and Economic Systems, Supervision and Regulation –Many entities, institutions and commercial companies participate in an intensifying heated discussion. Everyone generally agrees that “the horse is out of the barn”-even Mr. Stewart enters the market: enriched cosmetics at CBD for skin and facial care are going to be a bloody boxing scene among the most powerful brands. 

CBD’s foot pain relief cream is examined by supermodel and the New York Times. Sports? Athletes also embrace the molecule with love and without fear of a product that works fine against the pain of after strenuous activity. 

The largest cannabis company, Canopy Growth Corporation, will partner with the energy drinks brand for athletes BioSteel’s products and together will soon launch energy drinks, especially enriched water in its molecule and entourage. Surprising audience – musicians! 

Also starting to use cannabidiol-enriched Creams:  Dakota, the first station for CBD products is opened at a mall, in Denver, U.S.A., a CBD burger chain has opened, and the sportswear market is going to grow following the chain of tracksuit products, CBD Athleisure enriched with a molecule, which will result in improved performance of those who wear it, according to the manufacturer. 

—A great deal of preoccupation around one molecule (and the entourage of course)… 

We believe that the basis of any regulation of the industry will be in the future for simple and efficient products, complete transparency of the manufacturer regarding the product content and organic ways of growing the plant, and of course rigorous laboratory tests and production standards.


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