The properties of CBD in the treatment of abdominal pain and pain associated with digestive system problems

Throughout history, cannabis has been a plant that has helped relieve pain and soothe symptoms associated with common diseases in the digestive system. Cannabis has been integral to traditional medicine for thousands of years on different continents worldwide. This plant has helped alleviate various pains, such as easing labour pains in maternity and even helped cure common digestive system diseases. The properties of the cannabis plant also help relieve symptoms such as vomiting, heartburn and loss of appetite.

Cannabis also helped relieve severe stomach pains accompanying various digestive system diseases. In this article, we will expand on the virtues of CBD, a compound present in the cannabis plant, in relieving stomach pain.

How can the cannabis plant affect the digestive system?

Using the cannabis plant and its extracts helped patients to benefit from an improvement in their mental state, alongside the ability to deal more easily with the symptoms of diseases related to the digestive system. Consistent use of cannabis can affect the digestive system in various ways. Consumption of the cannabis plant in different ways can offer treatment for strong and weak stomach pains. It also can prevent diarrhoea and constipation, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

The cannabis plant has also been found to have impressive abilities in destroying microorganisms and intestinal parasites. This ability allows many patients to enjoy a better quality of life. Compared to the severe side effects of synthetic and conventional drugs, the side effects of the cannabis plant are incredibly mild. Over the past two decades, many studies have examined the effect of CBD (cannabidiol) on digestive system diseases, particularly inflammatory bowel diseases.

The studies were carried out following innovative discoveries that showed the endocannabinoid system’s role in the body on various processes, such as fighting inflammation. In addition, the phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant are also used as antioxidants and destroyers of parasites and microorganisms.

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How can the digestive system be treated with CBD?

Those who experience chronic abdominal pain following chronic disorders of the digestive system can use CBD, which effectively calms the inflammatory symptoms of chronic diseases of the digestive system. CBD contains several properties that enable this method of treatment.

First, CBD helps suppress the enhanced release of cytokines, interleukins and chemokines. Several laboratory studies found that CBD increases the production of regulatory T cells, cells of the immune system responsible for suppressing inflammation and excessive inflammatory reactions.

CBD also works indirectly on the CB1 cannabinoid receptor by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called FAAH, so substances called endocannabinoids can work for a longer time and bind to the receptors.

In addition, CBD has been found to inhibit the recruitment of macrophages (phagocytic cells) in the inflamed area of the intestines, so it suppresses the release of a factor in the body called TNFα, which triggers inflammation.

Treatment of abdominal pain using CBD

CBD can reduce symptoms such as abdominal pain radiating to the back or abdominal pain focused only on the upper or lower abdomen. This treatment method has become increasingly popular in recent years following the legalisation of CBD, and the consumption of this compound does not induce psychoactive effects or lead to unpleasant side effects, as in taking medication.

Even in abdominal pain caused by the menstrual cycle, CBD can relieve this symptom and other symptoms such as nausea, lack of appetite and headaches.

DEPENDING ON THE USER’S NEEDS, the CBD compound can be consumed in various ways, such as vaporiser pens, capsules, oil and more. In addition, the various extraction options also offer different dosages, allowing a perfect adjustment for the user.

Can CBD relieve symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome creates continuous abdominal pain and discomfort, a feeling of fullness in the digestive system and disturbances in bowel habits. This syndrome is a functional syndrome that has no organic explanation. The syndrome has no evidence of inflammatory bowel disease or any other apparent factors. The changes in bowel habits caused by the syndrome can manifest in constipation or diarrhoea. Currently, no medicine offers a cure for those with the syndrome, but there are treatment options that aim to soothe the symptoms. Among the various treatments for the syndrome, it is possible to use dietary changes, drug treatments and even behavioural treatments.

Several diseases of the digestive system may manifest as irritable bowel syndrome. These diseases must be ruled out before diagnosing the syndrome. These diseases are fruit sugar intolerance, celiac disease, infections, and various inflammatory bowel diseases. These diseases also cause prolonged lower abdominal pain. The causes of these diseases can be identified, unlike irritable bowel syndrome. Today, some theories hold that the syndrome is caused by the transmission of messages between the brain and the digestive system, but these theories have yet to be proven.

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In conclusion,
With the combination of contemporary medical research and traditional medical knowledge, alongside many testimonies, studies and anecdotal reports, it can be seen that there are many positive effects of cannabis in general and CBD in particular, on the symptoms of diseases in the digestive system that cause upper abdominal pain and lower abdominal pain.

Many people wondering what helps with stomach pain use CBD to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Countless pieces of evidence show that consuming this compound helps reduce the syndrome’s symptoms.

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We at MOYA meet many cases of people suffering from digestive system problems which have started treating their symptoms with CBD products. These consumers report that their quality of life has dramatically improved since they began consuming CBD products.

Although there is no overwhelming evidence in the current studies about a complete withdrawal of inflammatory processes in the intestine following the use of CBD, we at MOYA believe that the regulation and legalisation of the consumption of CBD products worldwide will lead to the conduct of new studies that will yield further evidence.

CBD – don’t harm your routine 

CBD allows patients with digestive system diseases to enjoy a treatment that does not disrupt their daily routine and does not have psychoactive effects like THC. Also, the adverse side effects of drugs that treat the digestive system do not exist when taking CBD.

Finally, CBD makes it possible to find the perfect dose by starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it until symptoms are relieved. Unlike the use of drugs, the body does not develop a tolerance to CBD at all.

Two surprising products that can help relieve abdominal and lower back pain associated with digestive system syndromes are a vaporiser and capsules containing CBD for swallowing. These products are safe to use and do not result in psychoactive effects.

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