CBD For The Elder Population

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Why is CBD especially suitable for an older population?

1. Cannabidiol affects the nervous system indirectly. Unlike THC (the psychoactive molecule in cannabis), it does not bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and therefore does not have a high sensation. This trait alone already gives CBD a great advantage among an older population suffering from neurological disorders, but the feeling of intoxication associated with smoking cannabis has kept them away from such treatment. 

2. Cannabidiol is safe to use, the organization of physicians and patents listed on the subject are many and well-known. It has very minor side effects that usually disappear after two or three days from the start of treatment. 

3. The body cannot reach the “overdose” of CBD. The body does not develop tolerance for CBD and from the moment the correct dose is found that treats and facilitates the problem – there is no need for a dose increase! 

4. CBD becomes a common commodity in a variety of forms that are convenient for use even on an older population. Drops, capsules or evaporation of CBD in a variety of forms of use that also make it easier for an older population that rensols smoking. 

Over the past year, reports have increased around the world and in Israel of “breaking the barrier of consciousness” regarding the use of CBD in an elderly population. It’s not about people looking for “high” but people looking for a reduction in symptoms and symptoms associated with neurological disorders:• Cognitive enhancement• Improvement in the emotional level; improvement in behavioural levels

Another reading of CBD can be found here in an article about the golden age, slowing the rate of aging and protecting nervous system cells.

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