8 Reasons Why CBD Is The Hottest Thing In California


California, where trends begin, shows CBD…

Usually these trends quickly wash over to the rest of the United States and from there – to the entire world. The CBD molecule is the new “craze” that receives huge amounts of attention. In California, CBD can be found everywhere and Californians embrace cannabidiol with great enthusiasm. Here are 8 reasons why California.

1. In California cannabis is legal:- It is true that recreational or health marijuana and CBD products are something completely different, and although the laws related to CBD products are still confused and ambiguous – the legalization of medical cannabis has drastically improved the treatment of CBD and its various uses. By 2018, when cannabis became legal, CBD could only be found in licensed medical cannabis stores. 

Today it’s everywhere...Hemp CBD-laced food, drinks become legal

2. Californians do not succumb to stereotypes and myths about CBD:- In many parts of the world cannabis products have a poor reputation, but in places where cannabis is legal humans tend to address the issue with a more open mind. Californians are less likely to believe in the stereotypes about the molecule and prefer to consider its medicinal benefits. In places where people are not afraid of what they will think they are willing to experiment with CBD products openly and willingly. 

3. There are dozens of CBD products/brands manufactured in California:- Some CBD products shy away from the strong, plant-based taste of the oil. While CBD oil is the best way to feel the effectiveness of the product, taste can alienate many. California merchants and manufacturers have recently begun producing innovative CBD products that make taking CBD easier and tastier. Tea and coffee enriched with CBD, gum and gummy bears, chocolate and much more and endless. And when the diversity is so great, California is satisfied… 

4. Organizations and companies in California are fighting CBD products prohibition laws:- Although medical cannabis and recreational marijuana became legal in California in 2018, CBD products law does not yet exist. In many cases, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) turn a blind eye to the hundreds of new manufacturers who operate under “lenlen” laws of the states and not under uniform federal law. 

In order to remove confusing legislation for CBD products, several California agencies and organizations have begun to work to clarify and refine the legislation regarding CBD, with an emphasis on full legality, regulation and supervision of the quality of products and more. As a result, advertising for CBD products has increased. 

There is hardly a place in California where the fight for REGULATION of CBD cannot be found: journalism, television, endless articles on the subject. And as the information about the products increases – more and more consumers and other interested owners are familiar with the product. 

5. Cannabidiol gives a very good solution for humans suffering from anxiety:- The main reason for CBD’s great popularity is the impact and effectiveness of the products themselves, especially the treatment of anxiety and stress. The reports obtained daily indicate a significant decrease in anxiety levels and better sleep at night, all without significant side effects. 

The figures that begin to accumulate show that about half of patients with anxiety problems have switched to using CBD instead of prescription drugs. This is great news in itself that it is still difficult to speculate on its long-term positive impact on welfare, welfare and health systems at the national level. 

6. Cannabidiol is an effective analgesic:- The most common use of CBD is for pain relief – especially for those in chronic pain. Its effect is similar to the effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), but without the harmful effect on the stomach. 

In addition, cannabidiol fights inflammation, so that people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasm and other conditions and symptoms that include strong chronic pain are found in CBD as a double advantage. 

7. CBD has many more positive medical effects! Treating pain and inflammation and reducing anxiety are two of the most common uses among the public who are already experimenting with the molecule, but these are certainly not the only two reasons. You can see how CBD use is becoming widespread, along with extremely positive evidence and reports of its effectiveness in cases of eating disorders, addiction treatment, depression and mental stress including anxiety and other behavioural disorders. 

  • Heart and vascular health after a heart attack or stroke or as a preventive treatment. 
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Immune diseases Many of these conditions are life-changing and include treatments with negative and strong side effects. 

The negative effects and the few to almost non-existent side effects of the CBD molecule, along with the strong and non-psychoactive effect, are really life-saving for patients dealing with these conditions. 

8. The cannabidiol sells itself by word of mouth and breaks the barriers of consciousness:- When there are thousands and tens of thousands of new users each month who experience self-care with CBD, and report in general very positively on the way the molecule improves their lives – CBD “sells itself” in the most literally and tangible way: blogs, social media content, forums, training videos, online stores, all of which have unprecedented praise for the effectiveness of the molecule. 

Marketing “word of mouth” or “friend brings a friend” is the most effective method in the advertising world with 92 percent of people listening to the advice of friends, family and even complete strangers before making a decision on a purchase. 

When Californians express their positive opinion of CBD everywhere and freely, nearly 40 million people are exposed to the medical and non-medical properties of cannabidiol and the apparent result is that California is definitely in love with its CBD.

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